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With a compass pointing from the north, east, south to west, we’ve got a menu that discovers the world at its best. All-day egg dishes, an array of seasonal bites and cocktails making it hard to do ‘just’ one drink. Brought to you by a flamboyant team swinging from one deck to another.


Three sheets to the wind

There was a time when free-spirited and brave people could simply vanish in the world by boarding a ship and pointing it toward the horizon. Compared to today’s fast-paced lives, the tranquil life at sea seems awfully appealing. Besides the occasional wild storm that is. Our team welcomes you above or below deck to take a breather from your everyday life. Start a good conversation, try a cocktail from one of our compass’ directions, and enjoy some bites.

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Masters of mixology

To the average cocktail lover, the action behind the bar counter can seem full of magic and mystery. There’s a quick sprig of this and a small splash of that, followed by enthusiastic shaking or a few delicate stirs, then outpours an effortlessly made drink.

Ruben and the crew take cocktails to a scientific level. When they got the green light to go crazy with the menu, they did go crazy. The got inspired by the directions of the compass, flavours from east to west, and spices that will take you to the other side of the world without actually being there. Whether you want alcohol or not, the team always delivers a surprising twist.