The legend

El Capitan

With a shimmering late afternoon sun glistening off the calm waters of Scheveningen, you can hear murmurs about the adventures of the sea. Most tales are those of monstrous creatures and ruthless pirates raiding their way across the ocean. Leaving no safe course for travel. Yet, there is one story yet to be told. It is that of Ultramarijn, the cosiest secret hidden within the algae.


Behind the dunes of Scheveningen

The legend goes by the name of The Captain and his hidden gem Ultramarijn. A gastropub soaked in dark lighting, never ending waves of music, shimmering ambiance and mixologists who seemingly never stop moving. The place where travelers from all ends of the ocean sat around the table to trade their newfound treasures from the Spice Islands. A pitstop for those on their way back home.

Fancy a drink

Above deck or
below deck

Drink menu

Bitterballen & genever

The owner, you might ask? You will most likely find him with genever in one hand and a bitterbal in the other. The Captain, a Dutch legend whom, against all odds, knows more than salt and pepper to spice food and drinks. He will surprise you with cocktails that turn up the heat, or of course, some Dutch herring, masked in flavours you have never tasted before. From ginger to juniper berries, we can testify you’ll be hooked as soon as you give it a try.

Get underway

Moving away from the mercurial moods of the sea, The Captain took it upon himself to share his spice combinations with his “… arrr.. hearties of The Hague”. Note that anyone that wants to have a taste is his hearty. His mate. Wanderers, traders or even sea monsters never leave this gastropub without a tale to tell. Ultramarijn is a place for memories.