Sustainable winds ahead

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The food at Ultramarijn is inspired by Dutch travel, the North Sea and all its delights. We use old-fashioned techniques such as pickling and fermenting which they would have done in the olden days to get the best out of the food. Sailors were pretty smart about how to maintain food from continent to continent and we’re taking their methods on board to be as sustainable as possible.


All hands-on deck

Recycling and upcycling ingredients that would normally be cast off as trash is our way to sustainable bites and cocktails. In our journey to reduce bar waste, we’re mindful of using each ingredient to its full potential.

Pulp, skins, seeds, pits, leaves, and roots are all chunks that are usually thrown away, but instead we can deliciously and nutritiously use them. From infusing these ingredients into syrups, using the shrub method, or making sure all our garnishes are edible.

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We’ve traveled the world and we will always choose home-grown and homemade ingredients above all else. By focusing on local suppliers, we support smaller companies in our community and offer you the best of The Netherlands. Through direct relationships with local suppliers, we can have items often delivered directly to Ultramarijn within hours of being harvested—as well as the ability to get seasonal items straight away.

Local treasures

Together with our local Dutch suppliers we’re conscious of minimizing pollution and celebrating where our products comes from. Every month we put the spotlight on one of our local heroes.

An example of this is the coffee we serve you. It is made from beans all the way out of Uganda, Nebbi District. And, 50% of the farmers are women! Roast Factory takes care of the transport and we get it delivered to our doorstep by bike.