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The food at Ultramarijn is inspired by Dutch travel, the North Sea and all its delights. We use old-fashioned techniques such as pickling and fermenting, like they did in the old days to get the best out of the food. Sailors were pretty competent in maintaining food from continent to continent, and we took their methods on board to work as sustainable as possible.


All hands on deck

Recycling and upcycling ingredients that would usually be cast off as trash is our way to sustainable bites and cocktails. In our journey to reduce bar waste, we’re mindful of using each ingredient to its full potential.

We use pulp, skins, seeds, pits, leaves, and roots by infusing these ingredients into syrups, using the shrub method, or making sure all our garnishes are edible.


We will always choose home-grown and homemade ingredients above all else. By focusing on local suppliers, we support smaller companies in our community and offer you the best of The Netherlands. Because of our direct relationships with those suppliers, the products are often delivered directly to Ultramarijn within hours of being harvested.

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